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Congress Put Iranian-Americans and Others At Risk for Becoming Second-Class Citizens

This was an email from my friend Dr. Fardad Fateri.  It is such a well written piece that I thought I should share it with the Edkbr community.  Merry Christmas to all. By: Dr. Fardad Fateri  Friends,   Read the article below. Is this the America we know and love?   Many of my friends and colleagues can’t […]

Why Death-to-America?

Death-to-America has become the slogan of Iran, since the revolution of 1979. Most of the IRI foreign policy has revolved around that slogan, since the Embassy hostage-taking of 1980. USA and most Western countries have cited the active pursuit of Death-to-America as the reason for placing Iran under the category of state-sponsor of terror. But […]

The path to first class citizenship: Visa Waiver discrimination


Now that the Visa Waiver Improvement Act has been signed into law by President Obama, Iranian-Americans are at risk of becoming a separate category of U.S citizen with their passports downgraded to need visas from countries that don’t normally require them from American visitors.  The swift passage of this discriminatory law has dealt a stunning […]