Congress Put Iranian-Americans and Others At Risk for Becoming Second-Class Citizens

This was an email from my friend Dr. Fardad Fateri.  It is such a well written piece that I thought I should share it with the Edkbr community.  Merry Christmas to all.

By: Dr. Fardad Fateri 


Read the article below. Is this the America we know and love?  

Many of my friends and colleagues can’t figure out what my true political affiliation is because I support both democrats and republicans depending on the issue and the cause. My experience has been that not all that I believe fits with any political party construct. I like small federal and state governments, I like a free market economy, I like low taxes, I support women and men who decide to marry someone of the same gender, I support women who want to keep their children or have an abortion if they choose and I support people who want to practice a chosen religion or not.

I want society to take care of its elderly and those who are physically as well as mentally disadvantaged and I definitely want to take care of the environment. Also, I don’t want funding for education to be less than 10% of that of the annual military budget which is the case now, I don’t want prisons to get more funding than our school districts which is also the case today. And, I am certainly getting tired of Iranian-Americans being treated as less than any other American.  

What does make me? I think that makes me an American, a person who chose this country as his own because America allowed me to be who I want to be, to have my own opinions, to live the way I want to live. That’s the American idea.  

As a powerful Iranian-American community, we are politically passive. Many of our parents came to the US to avoid politics and politicians. But it seems our passive disposition relative to politics and lack of unity regarding politicians has hurt us and the passing of this legislation is a representative example. The legislation that passed last week by both democrats and republicans is un-American. This legislation is legally, socially, and morally wrong.  

We should all think very long and hard about what just happened to our status as Iranian-Americans because this could just be the beginning.  We should take this matter seriously and not avoid it as unimportant or as something that will come to pass. I hope I am overreacting but that’s how I feel.

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