5+1 Reasons New U.S. Visa Program (For Iranian-Americans) is an Ominous Sign of Imminent War with Iran

Mr. Zarif, you are wrong. And by the way so was I. This Nuclear deal with Iran is NOT a new opening or a fresh start between Iran and the P5+1!! It is not dialogue, diplomacy replacing ware. It will not help moderate Iran, as many (like me) had wished. No one in the U.S. administration believes that.

It is in fact a “defanging” of Iran! Without Nuclear deterrents Iran is wide open for an invasion… and that is precisely the plan. As Iran finally ships out their Uranium inventory, a new law kicks in that literally kicks Iranians in their teeth … revealing a plan for war. The new visa program legislation (HR 158) that recently passed Congress in the U.S. is a proof positive of a plan for war. Its very clear. That is why you did not win the Nobel Peace prize, the Norwegians figured it was only a breather for the U.S. while they prepared for war.

I was so wrong! I admit it! Until very recently, I really thought it would help open Iran up, and set the stage for change. I thought, Iran would eventually replace Saudi Arabia as America’s staunch regional ally. I really believed that there was actually a ‘secret’ plan was to undermine Saudi Arabia. But no! I was dead wrong, Its Iran. Stupid – its Iran! They are planning war with Iran. Its for sure. Ignore my last few blogs – there is a secret target – but it’s NOT Saudi Arabia … Its Iran.

There are signs of this everywhere and HR 158 (that’s the new Visa Waiver Bill), is a massive confirmation of future U.S. plans.

1. You have to listen carefully at the bullshit being thrown out.  The bigger the lie – the greater the cover up! Right? Iranians have no connections to terrorists. There has not been a single “Shiite” Muslim connected to a terrorist attack ANYWHERE in the West. So not only NO Iranians, but also NO Shiites. There have been countless Saudi Arabians, Pakistanis … BUT no Iranians. There is simply no truth, no  basis for any law involving terrorists to target Iranian-Americans.

So you have to ask yourself, why are we being targeted and NOT Saudi Arabians, or Egyptians or citizens of other Persian Gulf states, or Pakistan? If the intent is to control terrorism, how can Iranians be a legitimate target? There are NO Iranian terrorists (period), [unless you consider the MEK/MKO/Monkeys nutty sect (who by the way travel with U.S. travel documents – and are being trained for the U.S. invasion of Iran)]. Unless, the bill is specifically designed for other purposes (which it is), there is no foundation for targeting Iranian-Americans.

2. The bill is sure to pass. This is not a just a simple Bill that will be voted up or down according to its merits. This bill is being attached to the omnibus spending legislation …that was negotiated between the administration and the Republican led house.  And given the bi-partisan nature of the omnibus spending bill, its sure to pass in the Senate too. This isn’t a fly by night, single piece of legislation dreamt up by a lone representative.

This in essence means – its being driven by the Administration. i.e. this is actual government policy. Which is scary, really. The administration, not some lone wolf tea party nut, is calling Iranian-Americans terrorists. Why? (Its obvious, they are marching to war and want to restrict Iranians… read on).

3. Treating some U.S. Citizens as second class citizens is always a prelude to a major war. Thinking back to the treatment of the Japanese during the second world war, it’s very clear that if the U.S. sees an imminent war, their very first step is to place restrictions against foreign born immigrants from that country that they will be fighting.

While Japanese-Americans are the classic example of this U.S. government approach, there are countless other examples … the U.S. interned Red Indians before the Dakota Indian Wars, the U.S. interned Philippinos in the Philippine-American Wars… Germans, Italians Interned … i.e. limited their movement. Iranian-Americans won’t be able to travel to Europe now, without getting a return visa from the U.S., can’t go to Mexico or Canada…!! Their interned!

4. The Bill was sponsored by Candice Miller. Although she is a Republican, she is considered a deep insider. For example, during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, Miller was a member of the Armed Services committee, and part of a “war room” team that relayed information from the Bush administration to Republican members, the news media, and the public. Given the timing and the rhetoric coming out of Republican Presidential candidates, and their Republican party pundits, I initially thought that this bill was somehow a nativist reaction to events in Paris and San Bernardino. But this bill has bi-partisan support. Its been reviewed by three committees in the spring and summer.

It passed the house 407 to 19! Look at her legislative history: she sponsored the Biometric Exit law, and the Customs and Border security reauthorization act! Yes, this is more confirmation that its clearly the administration at work. It’s a bill sponsored by the executive branch – by the government itself. And, given this fact, one has to wonder whether the U.S. government was negotiating with the Mullahs in good faith?

5. The Bill was written a year ago. This bill was originally drafted in January 2015; and has been reviewed in a number of congressional committees over the past year or so. Given, the timing, and America’s underlying intent with the Bill, it’s very clear to me that in fact the U.S. was negotiating with Iran in bad faith. All along there was talk of ‘rapprochement’ but there really could not have been a real desire for rapprochement. More fundamentally, this bill indicates that there is in place a multi-year program to prepare for war with Iran.  The ‘5+1’ negotiating effort, was all Bullshit. We were fed bullshit. Dreams of a new Iran have diminished. Its war baby, war!! And Iran split into 5 pieces.

And the Plus One: The Europeans are ‘reciprocating’

We already have the British ambassador saying, Britain has no choice but to pass a similar law. And in the provisions of HR 158, it clearly states that the ‘DHS (Department of Homeland Security) may suspend a country from the visa waiver program without prior notice if the country fails to comply with an agreement to share information regarding whether its citizens and nationals traveling to the United States pose a U.S. security threat. DHS must notify an affected country and Congress of any suspension.’ This is NOT simply an American ‘reaction’ but part of a concerted plan by key members of the 5+1 negotiating team – that started over a year ago. i.e. while they were negotiating with Iran – in (as they put it) good faith. So they too have been negotiating in bad faith. Who can you trust?

So, then let’s follow the money:

If you really want to know what is happening, there is one fundamental principle in America: Follow the money.  When Bill Clinton was in government, he reduced defense expenditures from nearly a trillion under Bush (Senior) to near $200 Billion. Still a large figure by global standards, but never-the-less, that was an almost 80% reduction. But, look at what has actually happened under Obama? Defense expenditures have been averaging around $600 Billion – versus nearly a trillion under Bush (Junior).

The drop has been far less dramatic. And, yes, U.S. troops have been taken out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but the bases remain. In fact there are 45 American bases surrounding Iran. U.S. still have about 1.4 million active duty military which is roughly the same as the level before the invasion of Afghanistan.

After the near collapse of the U.S. economy, the U.S. has been basically in ‘recharge’ mode. American forces have ‘withdrawn’ but have not left the theater of war. They are training hard for a re-match! Obama’s mission has been to ‘engineer’ a sufficient rapprochement with Iran – to make the Mullahs believe that a ‘new’ chapter can be restarted with the U.S. But in fact, its all been positioning for a future war.

There is no question about it.  8 years of rest – rebuilding, retooling…. Preparing new means of fighting in the Iranian terrain. In fact, if anything, the war in Iraq was a dry run. Practice. This time, when the U.S. hits Iran – it will have Humvees with armor underneath. It will have clothing and supplies that can take the heat of the region. It will be ready.

No bases have been closed. The number of enlisted soldiers has not decreased. And this has been going on for years – not just these past few years. The Brits just retooled their base in Bahrain. The Turks have just set up a new ‘operating’ base in Qatar. The point is, you can see from the timeline of HR 158, that in fact the U.S. has actually been negotiating with Iran, in bad faith. The Nuclear ‘rapprochement’ that was so vehemently opposed by Israel and its allies, was actually designed to simply defang Iran.

On the one hand, I would be thrilled to see the back end of the Mullahs and their brutal regime (much like Assad). The end of tyranny and dictatorship would be good. The end of rigged elections. The end of jailed journalists. The end of religious fanaticism. But, my fear – BIG FEAR – is that this would also mean the end of Iran as we know it. Iran would be splintered into 5 pieces. That is the unfortunate truth. The soft transition everyone was dreaming of, is not going to happen.

War can not be good for Iran, Iranians, nor Iranian-Americans.  But, I will go further and say that obviously from the details of HR 158, the U.S. planned and foresees a major regional war with Iran and its regional proxies.

I would NOT be surprised if Israel invades Lebanon and ‘cleanses’ Beirut of Hezbollah operatives. And marches forward towards Damascus and Turkey. What the U.S. and Israel could not achieve through ISIS they will end up achieving – with their own boots on the ground.

In fact, isn’t ISIS now giving the U.S. a pretext to re-enter the region? Isn’t this now a convenient opportunity for the U.S. to put boots on the ground – while everyone is focused on ISIS – without realizing their real plan is to attack Iran? In fact, in the new year it is expected that there will be new congressional approval of a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force to allow the president to go after the Islamic State, also known as ISIS! ISIS is going to provide the pretext for a war with Iran!!

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive!? HR 158 says it all. Its right there in front of us all. There will be war …

People, there will be war with Iran! Mark my words. And John Kery is lying to us all. HR 158 is a direct product of the Obama administration.

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